What are Zipmex

Zipmex is a very popular digital currency exchange system that is regulated and aims at being one of the market leaders. The exchange offers traders advanced features designed for trading. Besides, it offers charting tools to users using that they can chart a wide collection of cryptocurrencies to trade. Bitcoin users are always looking for lower fees to exchange and Zipmex is the best platform to do so. Zipmex is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore.

When selecting a cryptocurrency trading exchange the exchange fees play a vital role. Sometimes the fees can exceed your margin, especially when trading larger portion sizes. Zipmex fees are listed on their website and are very transparent for users to view and go ahead if they want to exchange. Zipmex cryptocurrency exchange charges 0.2% of the total fee for buying and selling trades which is remarkable. This is why Zipmex is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

You can store your cryptocurrencies on an online wallet that is offered by Zipmex for easy access and operation. The wallet icon can be found on the main page of Zipmex and once in you can deposit and withdraw funds from Zipmex. One of the most exciting features of Zipmex is its security and safety features for users. Only the owner has access to transfer and deposit into the external wallet. Several safety features make Zipmex one of the best. Some of the features are mentioned below.




One of the best things about Zipmex is it is registered. Zipmex Exchange is registered with AUSTRAC and works in compliance with AML/KYC requirements making it safe and secured to do operations.


Verification process:


The verification process for Zipmex is well protected, as users have to adhere to all the KYC procedures. This verification process once done allows users to deposit, withdraw and trade currencies easily. Activities such as crypto-to-crypto deposits, withdrawals, treading can be done with basic email verification that is very convenient for users.

Security Features:

The security features of Zipmex are top-rated as it comes with 2-factor authentication. Apart from the two factors authentication, there is also a verification email linked to the account. This added layer is perfect to keep the account safe from cybercriminals.

Theft and Hacking:

As of now, there are no such instances of theft and hacking from any user’s account making it one of the safest trading options.


There are several alternatives for Zipmex such as independent reserve, coin spot, and Swyftx but what makes Zipmex so unique is its excellent security features and an interactive User interface. Zipmex is quite easy to use allowing you to do all your trading activities. The ZIpmex fees for trading transactions and exchanges are minimal making it very convenient for new users to learn Bitcoin trading.



If you are a Bitcoin trader and looking for the best trading channel then Zipmex is the one you should go for. There are several advantages of this channel that are all mentioned above. Zipmex is one of the most secured digital exchange systems perfect for new as well as old users. The benefits offered by Zipmex trading account are ultimate when compared to its competitors.


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