Characteristics of drinking water hoses

Types of drinking water hoses

We distinguish many different drinking water hoses, mainly according to their place of use: they can be hoses intended for households or production plants – usually they are light and very flexible, but durable suction-and-force hoses with transparent walls intended for water transmission. Other types of drinking water hoses are ones especially designed for caravans, campers, motorhomes and yachts like the ones from Flat Out International. The internal lining of their high-quality hoses is taste free potable water PVC that complies with coveted AS 4020 standards. They also have an abrasion resistant woven cover.


High control standards for drinking water

Water intended for human consumption is called safe water which means it is free from microorganisms, hazardous chemicals in amounts threatening health, parasites and aggressive corrosive properties. That is why supervision over the use of materials and products for drinking water is very meticulous. An inner layer of the drinking water hose has to prevent the formation of biofilm on the walls. It must be easy to clean and not change the organoleptic properties of the water even at high temperatures.


Requirements for drinking water hoses

Materials and products made of plastics in contact with drinking water must have special certificates recognized in the country of use. Therefore, there are special requirements for the inner layers of drinking water hoses like certified materials; super smooth walls so the water flow through the hose is unobstructed; resistance of the drinking water hose to cleaning conditions.


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