How to pick a good Japanese restaurant in Melbourne

Picking a good Japanese restaurant in Melbourne can be a very daunting task. There’s numerous Japanese restaurants, with most having a very different style of menu and quality of food. Additionally, the restaurant will have its own style of cooking which you may or may not enjoy, so before going to a restaurant it’s important to know what kind of cuisine they specialize in. The following is how to pick a good Japanese restaurant in Melbourne;


1. What cuisine does the restaurant specialize in?


The first important factor to consider when picking a good Japanese restaurant is what kind of food they serve. The more traditional style of cuisine is known as “Kaiseki”, where it will consist of multiple dishes that are served one after another, with each dish having an artistic flavor and presentation that makes dining very enjoyable. You can find these restaurants mostly in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, including but not limited to Yarraville, Footscray, Seddon, Alphington etc. These types of restaurants are always found around train stations or near popular cafes and are usually busy during lunch time for this very reason.


2. When does the restaurant open?


If you are in a rush for lunch, or just want to catch up with some friends after work, then it’s important to know when the restaurant opens. There’s nothing worse than spending your time driving around trying to find a restaurant that is closed! It’s always good to carefully check this before going too far. Some good restaurants to know the opening hours are Ginza, which is opposite Southern Cross station, open for lunch and dinner; Nakamura-Ya which serves great ramen noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner; and Izakaya Chuji Dining, open for lunch Friday through Sunday.

3. Does it serve food on time?


Picking a good Japanese restaurant is no point in having delicious food if the service is so slow that you have to wait ages for it! A lot of restaurants nowadays serve “tapas” style portions, which means that the dishes will come out as they are ready, rather than all at once. This makes a private dining room in Melbourne a much more enjoyable experience and ensures you don’t have to wait too long for your food. Best restaurants with this style would be Izakaya Chuji Dining, Ginza and Nakamura-Ya.


4. What kind of atmosphere does the restaurant have?


The atmosphere in a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne is just as important as the quality of food itself! Having a nice environment and good service really adds to the overall experience and makes the whole dining experience much more enjoyable. Some places you might want to consider in Melbourne would be Izakaya Chuji Dining, Ginza and Nakamura-Ya.

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