What is a traffic control course?

What Is A Traffic Control Course?

A traffic control course teaches – how to control the flow of vehicles and pedestrians. The primary goal of the course is to teach a person the basic things about traffic control.


Why A Traffic Controller Is Required?

Some places in Australia may not have automatic traffic signals. In that case, a manual traffic controller is required. Apart from that a job site or an accident site may need a traffic controller.


What Does A Traffic Controller Do?


1) A traffic controller tries to maintain the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.


2) It’s a traffic controller’s duty to find the best route to pass all the vehicles. Sometimes the controller may have to know the right road map to find the safest route.


3) An emergency response team or a construction site needs radio communication. A traffic controller communicates via radio and maintains the traffic flow.


4) A traffic controller can use hand signals, stop signs. slow signs, warning or danger signs to control the traffic. In some cases, a traffic controller can also use certain road signs to bypass the traffic.


5) Workers, pedestrians, drivers may know every update and road conditions from a traffic controller. It’s his primary duty to safeguard all of them.


6) A traffic controller cleans all the warning signs or other road signs at the end of the day. He tries to avoid all the disruptions of traffic and he maintains a smooth flow of vehicles.



How Can You Become A Traffic Controller?


1) To become a traffic controller you must understand Australian English. Moreover, you should be above 18 years of age.

2) You must have a driving license.

3) A traffic controller should have the physical ability to lift at least 10-kilo weight.

4) Apart from the above conditions – a traffic controller should complete two courses. These courses are – traffic control course and traffic management course (RIIWHS205D and RIIWHS302D).

5) After completing these courses you will get a license and a white card. The white card allows you to visit any construction site in Australia.


Where Can A Traffic Controller Get Jobs?


1) Maintenance sites or construction sites may require a traffic controller.

2) Heavy industrial sites and commercial sites often need a traffic controller.

3) Accidents or roadblock situations are tough to control. So, a traffic controller may be required in that areas.

4) Some domestic projects can also recruit a traffic controller.


Do You Have To Renew Your Traffic Controller License?

Yes, you may have to reapply to renew your traffic controller license. Usually, after every 3 years, you have to renew your license. But, rules may vary (in different states). So, try to know everything clearly about the traffic controller course.

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