What Makes a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is the use of digital channels to effectively market your business. It has become an integral part of doing business in today’s world and requires one to be constantly on top of the latest trends to stay relevant.

So what makes a digital marketing expert? Here are five things that make a digital marketing expert:

1. Digital Marketing Agency Experience

Anybody can call themselves a digital marketing agency without ever having worked for one before – but if you have been an employee at a reputable company with real work experience under your belt, then you will have a huge advantage over other job applicants looking to break into the industry. This is extremely important if you plan to apply for any jobs related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Paid Search (PPC). You will already have the real-world skills and experience to hit the ground running.

2. Work Experience with Influential Brands

Having worked for big brands before can help round out your resume. Still, even more importantly, it allows you to cultivate relationships with the people working on these accounts so that they can personally recommend you. You might think that’s not relevant – after all, recommendations don’t seem to work in the slightest when applying for jobs online these days – but trust me, it is still very much alive and kicking.


3. Excellent Communication Skills

Digital marketing requires you to communicate effectively among different teams, i.e., between search engine optimizers, social media marketers, email marketers, etc. You will be expected to understand and explain your team’s issues and concerns and come up with ways to improve.

4. Great Writing Skills

Good writing skills are a MUST in digital marketing as you might find yourself emailing or communicating with bloggers, journalists, or even website owners on a regular basis. You will also find yourself constantly updating reports or publishing content online and differentiating paid campaigns from organic ones. The list goes on and on, but needless to say, communication is key.

5. Knowledge of the Internet Marketing Ecosystem

Most marketers know how Google works (search engine rankings etc.). Still, few understand how Facebook ads work or why there is an increase in Pinterest traffic and its benefits (social media signals, etc.). Understanding the entire ecosystem will allow you to develop more holistic and effective marketing plans that can help your business achieve its objectives.

Are you looking for a digital marketing expert? If so, make sure to keep these five things in mind.


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